1 Application  
1. For acceptance in the Peperoni-Music-School the original form must be filled in and signed. For underage students the signature of a parent or guardian is required.
2. The teaching contract must be counter signed by a member of Peperoni-Music-School at the bottom of the application.
3. If you wish to have a specific teacher, you must discuss this with a member of the school.
The Peperoni-Music-School expressly reserves the final decision.

2 Term and Termination
1. The first three months of lessons constitute a probationary period.
2. Within a period of four weeks to the end of the probationary period the contract can be terminated in writing without any reasons by both parties. A written notice of cancellation must be sent in sufficient time.
If a cancellation is not sent in sufficient time or no cancellation letter is received, it is assumed that both parties agree to a contract period of one year.
3. After expiration of the contract period, the contract is  automatically extended by six months, providing that the contract is not terminated within a period of six weeks to the end of the contract. A written notice of cancellation must be sent in sufficient time to Peperoni-Music-School
The same applies to the following period.
4. The Peperoni-Music-School has the right to immediate, extraordinary termination of the teaching relationship if the student is in default of a payment of two monthly tuition fees. Any other extraordinary termination rights under the principles of the Civil Code remain unaffected.

3 Teaching
1. Each lesson is 45 minutes.
2. Desired changes like teachers or subjects must be given in writing. See 1 paragraph No. 2  general terms and conditions accordingly.
3. According to the regulations of school holidays in Hessen, the Peperoni-Music-School will be closed on holidays and school holidays . This results in a maximum number of 38 hours annually.
4. Only in extraordinary cases of school closure or lesson cancellation will lessons be made up. If this is not possible, the tuition fee will be refunded pro rata.

4 Teaching Fee
1. The teaching fee is payable on the 5th and 15th of a month to the account listed in the confirmation letter of the Peperoni-Music-School.

5 Transferable 10 Card
1. It is possible to buy ten hours of tuition from Peperoni-Music-School (“10 card”).
2. The 10 card is interdisciplinary, so they can be used for different subjects and disciplines. The 10 card is freely transferable.
3. For lessons by 10-card-tuition, a regular teaching appointment will be arranged.
4. The Peperoni-Music-School is not liable for the loss of the 10 card.
5. The validity of the 10 card is limited to 12 weeks from date of purchase

6 Liability
1. The Peperoni-Music-School is liable only for injury to students, which are due to gross negligence or intentional conduct.
2. The students have to treat the facilities and equipment of the Peperoni-Music-School with due care and attention.
3. The student is liable for damage to the Peperoni-Music-School or third party, which is fully or in part indebted to the students. The same applies to instruments rented from Peperoni-Music-School .
4. Parents/Guardians will be held liable for their children's damage  

7 Trial Lesson
1. There is the possibility of taking a trial lesson at the Peperoni-Music-School.
2. If no contractual relationship is set following the trial lesson, there is no charge. Otherwise the trial lesson is considered as the first regular and chargeable lesson
3. The trial lesson will be set on a date when upcoming tuition takes place regularly.
5. The date of the trial lesson will be reserved for 5 days afterwards to give the student time to make a decision.

State of terms: 01.01.2012
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